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Warning after deploying a OVA/OVF MM-VA-5K

Last week I ran into an issue (warning) when deploying the OVA ( for the Mobility Master VM on ESX 6.x. I ran the normal steps, deployed the OVA, adjusted the vCPU/HDD/Memory just as in the manual. After booting the MM I got a warning from the disk manager inside the bootprocess of the MM:


WARNING: Flash size (5GB) should be at least half the size of RAM (64GB) - Reduce the RAM size or re-add a new disk with at least haf the size of  RAM


After booting the MM I took a look at the inventory (show inventory) and the storage (show storage) because I wanted to see if the MM was 'classified' as an MM-VA-5K and see which disk was 5GB in size. Because 5GB in size isn't the normal size of any deployment of a MM-VA. In the screenshot below you can see that the MM is a MM-VA-5K, but the /flash disk (/dev/sdb1) is only 5.8GB with 5.0GB free (this must be the earlier seen 5GB?, the 5.8GB will match a MM-VA-50 6GB disk size)


Double checking the VM settings I could confirm the second HDD being 64GB in size.

As this was a new deployment I redeployed a new OVA (still and got the same warning. After which I deployed a OVA ( and got the same warning.

After consulting with Aruba TAC (Thanks guys!) we did the following steps to create a workaround or temp solution until this might be fixed in a new OVA hopefully:


1. Shutdown the MM

2. Add a third HDD with the size matching your MM (in my case 64GB)

3. Boot the MM

4. The diskmanager saw the new disk on booting and partitioned it for 64GB (and it was visible a /dev/sdc1 after booting, no more /dev/sdb1!)

5. Shutdown the MM

6. Remove the second HDD (not the third!!, for some reason the second HDD doesn't get partitioned on the boot up)

7. Boot the MM

8. The diskmanager doesn't give you a warning anymore, yeah!

9. The show storage states a normal situation were the /flash is /dev/sdb1 and has the 64GB size in my case.


Hope this helps anyone running into this warning!.



Cheers, Frank
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