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ClearPass Guest with Meraki Wireless

Does anyone have an end to end guide on how to set up ClearPass guest captive portal with Meraki Wireless?  I have set up a guest SSID within Meraki wireless and configured as a splash page with custom splash page. When the client connects to the SSID the captive portal page from clearpass loads up.  The user tries to self register, and the guest account gets created in ClearPass.  When the user tries to login, the browser is just getting directed to a Meraki 'page not found' page.  


Within Meraki the RADIUS transaction for the guest captive portal comes from the Meraki Cloud not the AP IPs.  


I dont seem to have the correct NAS vendor setting for the Meraki Cloud in order to POST the user credentials to the controller.   The RADIUS request never gets to ClearPass from the controller.  


Has anyone had a successful implementation with Meraki?





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