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ArubaOS-CX Tacacs authentication



Did anyone get tacacs authentication and authorization working in Clearpass for the ArubaOS-CX switches?


I setup clearpass and configured the switch as follows:

tacacs-server host vrf default
aaa group server tacacs clearpass
server vrf default

tacacs-server key plaintext mypasskey123
tacacs-server auth-type chap

aaa authentication login default group clearpass local

aaa authentication allow-fail-through

When I don't add the switch ip to the devices I get a message in the event viewer about a unknown NAD. Which is to be expected.


But when I do add the switch ip to the devices list with the key as defined in the switch I sometimes (almost never) see any messages anymore in the event viewer as well as the Access tracker.


I'm currently testing with ArubaOS-CX Version : TL.10.02.0001 and Clearpass 6.7.2


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