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Issues with AP 510 series and Windows devices

Hi All,


I thought I would add this purely because we are having a lot of issues with our customers using AP510 series AP's and code version


We have been doing a few installs and have noticed that windows clients are unable to see the SSID's that are being broadcasted but Apple and other devices are able to see them and connect to them fine.


Because the AP510 series AP's are capable of 802.11ax windows devices which have Intel drivers on a version prior to 20.70.x.x will be unable to see the SSID. 


The obvious resolution is to update the drivers on the client device but on a large campus with 1000's of windows devices, this won't be possible unless you are able to push a group policy to the devices.


The fix for this is, unfortunately, disabling "high efficiency enable" in the SSID profile as this allows devices with older drivers to work. 


I know it defeats the point of having the new AP's as they are using 802.11ax, however, the only fix I could find was to turn 802.11ax (high efficiency) Off.


See the photo below to locate this option.

[MD group you want to effect] > Configuration > System > Profiles > Wireless LAN > High-efficiency SSID > [profile being used in your SSID profile] > untick "high efficiency enable".





Ben Casey
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