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Aruba 305 check for new version error = Image_check_internal error 001 code 2 - part 2

Hi @cjoseph


Starting a double thread as new replies  was obviously disabled by Aruba in the original one :) You post was the last one... Why block people from asking why it takes to long?


Now it has been a week since the post you made. And the problem still persists...



So... There are only two possible causes that it takes this long.


# 1

You do not care enough for your customers or the customers security


# 2

You have a to complex backend and you do not understand it yourself enough to fix it within a reasonable time frame



From a company like Aruba that (at least up to now) stands out for quality, I am a little dissapointed right now.


What can we expect? A fix withing a few days? A week? A month?




Who Me Too'd this topic