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Aruba 2530 VLAN Trunk/uplink port

I am fairly new to Aruba switches (but not networking) so just want someone to translate for me.


I am currently setting up VLAN's (split Data/Voice) and so far so good. I have setup both VLAN's and a management VLAN.


The one thing I am having difficulty understanding is the configuration of what in my experience would be called a Trunk/uplink of which would be used on a connection between switches (to take all VLAN traffic) or to the layer 3 (router/firewall).


From what I have found online I believe a trunk may mean something different with HP Aruba, I am also either finding conflicting information and/or the wrong configuration based either on model or firmware version.


Is there a way to easily configure this (like with the "voice" or "management" commands) or am I simply going to create a port and just make it a member of all VLAN's on my switch.


I am looking to understand the meaning and an example configuration if anyone could be helpful.



Who Me Too'd this topic