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Site Survey with IAP Manual

Hello Everyone

I decided today doing a how to  site survy with an Instant  AP


The chanllege are the fallowing:

1-If you try to site survey with the instant just as it is, the issue you got is that the AP reboot, so then you need to have something connected, which is troublesome


You can do it also with APs on remote mode with SSID Always but ill just explain how to do it with Instant APs.


Okay here are the Steps


1-Make sure you are running the lastest firmware

2-You need to set the IAP In stand Alone mode, you can find this on Maintenance -> Convert -> Stand alone AP

3-The AP will reboot

4-When the AP Reboot you will have to change a value so that when the ethernet does not have anything connected the AP still goes up and it does not reboot, so go to Settings -> Uplink -> Uplink preference -> Ethernet


After this you  will be able to reload the IAP and you dont need cables connected to the IAP


You can have a Small Batery plugged to the IAP so you can carry it with your hand and also you can have maybe like i do a fluke  airchecker for the survys


Anyways hopes this helps you all




Project engineer
Who Me Too'd this topic