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issues connecting game consoles (xbox360 and Wii)

We're using mostly AP70s and some AP125s, controller version, one flat wlan, one SSID, no encryption, and we're having an issue with some game consoles. When they try to associate they give an error along the lines of "multiple APs detected, please verify your SSID". When we look up the errors, the impression we get is that it sees too many APs with the same SSID. Looks like it's a feature to protect someone with 6 "netgear" networks in range and make sure they connect to their AP, not the neighbors.

Has anyone seen this, anyone know how to get around it?

It's not happening to all of the consoles, some xbox360 units work, and some Wii units work. We've wired them to get software updates, but those don't help.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
Who Me Too'd this topic