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Aruba AP-505 fails to upgrade via Central



I have 14 APs 505 which I am trying to configure them via central. I have created a template group (with SSIDs and other configuration) but none of the APs is receiving these as the upgrade fails everytime I try to do so. 


All of the APs are on the same VLAN, they also have valid IP addresses and I have also checked on the firewall and everything is ok there. No limitation at all. 


I assume that these APs do not have the correct arubaIOS so thats why I have to upgrade them with the correct one to be able to build the cluster but it fails almost directly when I try do it. The error I am receiving is this:


Upgrade: Failed in device due to invalid url format.


I dont know how to solve this issue and I am stuck here! If someone has any advice to overcome this I would appreciate it!

Who Me Too'd this topic