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iOS OnBoarding issue



I've been trying to search the boards for resolution but without luck.


I have two SSIDs, one for onboarding and one for actual 802.1x. Android and Windows devices are onboarding just fine and automatically connecting to the 802.1x SSID. My issue is that iPad 2 (using the same service for 802.1x) downloads, installs, etc. the cert correctly but when connecting to the 802.1x SSID it says "can not join network".  When I check the access tracker it states that the device is trying to log in using <username> and not the <username:seq:mdps_generic> which is listed in the OnBoard Devices repository.


The certificate is 2048b and generated in OnBoard. ClearPass is 6.0.2 and Aruba WLC 6.1.


Any ideas how to get the iOS onboard working as smoothly as the other platforms? Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks!

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