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802.1x Machine and User Auth - looking for a more reliable way

We have machine and user auth working. The issue comes in with many of our users in cases like this:


1) User shuts down laptop and takes it home. They boot up at home and start working on a project. They hibernate the laptop so they don't lose their work and come back to the office. They dock and take the laptop out of hibernation and continue working. They undock - no wireless access. I have them reboot - works fine. Issue is that ClearPass cache times out and the machine never authenticated back in.


2) Company policy is to have wireless disabled when there is a wired connection. This is accomplished with a BIOS setting so there is no user interaction. Users boot up docked, then undock to head to a wireless access because the CP server never sees the machine authentication because it booted up with the wireless off.


There are other cases but I believe you get the point. What I am looking to do is have it so domain users cannot onboard devices without going through the onboarding process but also not make users reboot to get on the wireless network.

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