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Captive Portal / Web Authentication Disabled / after WLAN Wizard using for Guest

hi there,

im confused and dont know where i have to change something.

factory-default controller, latest AOS ,

Trying to setup a plain guest-wifi with those wizards to see how far a customer gets .

captive portal is coming up, authentication seems ok for the guest-logon but then "web authentication is disabled" instead of getting authenticated.

any ideas where to troubleshoot, i didnt had such a message in OS .

Controller IP and Gateway to Internet is on same subnet , the guest-logon user getting gateway IP and external DNS servers , ping to some website works, but no access, therefore CP is coming up , test-user is in "guest" role , initial role is "guest-logon" (named the one via the wizard).

im confused , some hints/ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic