CPU Utilization indicator in dashboard does not update and keeps showing '0%' even when the server is busy handling authentication requests

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Environment :


VA model: CP-VA-500
CPPM version:

Is also seen on all 6.2 CPPM codes


After we login to CPPM, the home page would not show the CPU and Memory utilization. It is only seen on VM images. The CPPM appliance works fine.





This is seen on VM instances on which the Eth-1 interface is not defined. CPPM expects to have two physical/virtual ethernet ports. CPPM appliance by default have 2 ethernet ports and we must make sure that we have two virtual ethernet ports assigned to the instance.


rtaImage (1).png



If we do not see two Network adapters, add eth1 (not necessary  to configure IP Address), power on the VM and everything will work as expected.

We can also verify the same from CLI.

login as appadmin user and run the below command.

[appadmin@lab-cppm62]# show version

Policy Manager software version :
Policy Manager model number : CP-VA-500 ================================================

[appadmin@lab-cppm62]# show ip
eth1: error fetching interface information: Device not found
eth1: error fetching interface information: Device not found

Device Type : Management Port
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Gateway :

Device Type : Data Port
IP Address : <not configured>
Subnet Mask : <not configured>
Gateway : <not configured>

DNS Information
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :
Tertiary DNS : <not configured> ===========================================

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