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    Hello all, we have been having weird issues with all 2540(24 port) switches and able to download user role onto them. particularly 1 specific role. Below is our setup We have around 25 2540(24 port) switches ...

  • Hi community We try to establish backup link between office and DC on LTE using GRE Over Ipsec and then running OSPF. We have in-line also Ipsec established but not on Aruba controller but Fortigate ...

  • Hi fellow Aruba fans, I have a question I could not find the answer for in documentation. Are "Downloadable User Roles" supported on LACP trunk? I cant go to site to test this myself due to current climate ...

  • Does anyone have a list of net destinations for Amazon which can be added to the user role on the controller? ------------------------------ Adam Newson University of Cambridge ----------------------- ...

  • I'm building a new network for a customer with some CXOS 8320 switches in two separate VSXs. I've been happily using the REST API until I setup AAA to Clearpass which has resulted in me getting a 403 every ...

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  • Join us November 18th for the upcoming AI Field Day 1 live broadcast where you’ll learn how applying artificial intelligence (AI) and automation help solve growing IT operations challenges for wireless, switching, and WAN environments of any size or location. Focus areas include: Why dynamic baselining Site specific Insights and remediation Learn more

  • I traveled to Singapore for Atmosphere Asia Pacific in September. Atmosphere conferences are always fun, and this was no exception. It kicked off with Dominic Orr’s Keynote, where one of the customers on stage was Nick Hobbs, of Epworth Hospitals, Australia’s largest private hospital. I was part of the team that delivered Keerti Melkote’s Tech Keynote Learn more

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    With the networking technology and data rates progressing faster than I ever thought it would, the Airheads Community team decided it was time that we began showing the community some technological love too. The community team has been working on quite a large surprise for Airheads and the users for a while now and the time to launch is drawing Learn more

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