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  • Sooooo, we've update Airheads a bit. This new version of the community brings in a lot of great feature to enhance your experience with the community What do you think about it and how does it work for ...

  • Want to update your privacy settings or change your email preferences to make sure you're getting the digest? You can do all this and more in the "My Account" tab on your profile! On the Privacy Settings ...

  • Want to see how you've been doing in the community or check on an old post to see if anyone has responded lately? Or, did you save a draft of a discussion and need to get back to it to finalize and post? ...

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    All your connections in this community will live under the "My Connections" tab where you'll find Contacts, Communities, and posts or events you've chosen to follow The Community page lists each ...

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    Think of your messages/inbox as your notifications. It is the place where you can see all of the activity related directly to you. It also is where you would go to with someone you've chatted with on a ...

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  • I traveled to Singapore for Atmosphere Asia Pacific in September. Atmosphere conferences are always fun, and this was no exception. It kicked off with Dominic Orr’s Keynote, where one of the customers on stage was Nick Hobbs, of Epworth Hospitals, Australia’s largest private hospital. I was part of the team that delivered Keerti Melkote’s Tech Keynote Learn more

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    With the networking technology and data rates progressing faster than I ever thought it would, the Airheads Community team decided it was time that we began showing the community some technological love too. The community team has been working on quite a large surprise for Airheads and the users for a while now and the time to launch is drawing Learn more

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