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  • if the AOS10 AP has tunnel or mixed mode forwarding configured then the only ports between AP and the gateway is UDP/4500 and IPSEC proto 47. bldg-b# sh datapath session | incl ...

  • I have CX 10.13 running on EVENG on Proxmox. On Proxmox, VMs do not support nested virtualization and you need to enable it. 1 - First, your Promox server need to have nested virtualization enabled, ...

  • Thanks Carson, Apologies for the slow response. Does ClearPass send 'test' requests periodically automatically? Or is that something we need to set up? Guy

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    That's what I thought, just worried that BPDUs will enter a VLAN that is not the NATIVE one in the rest of the environment. In procurve the setting was on the vlan and not on the port so it was more ...

  • Hello Anyone? do i need to open just the port 4500 udp and 443 between the controller and the ap in the aruba os 10? The gre protocol is not needed anymore? also the other ports are not needed too ...

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