Aruba Certified Edge Expert - Hall of Fame


ACEX Hall of Fame

ACEX is the highest level of achievement within the Aruba Certification Program. ACEX holders have proven expertise in network design, ClearPass and WLAN mobility and they represent the most elite network professionals in the world. The “Hall of Fame” recognizes those individuals as leaders that chose to be ahead of the pack by aligning themselves with Aruba, the most innovative industry disrupter. To be inspired by the value of Aruba certification, check out our interview series with the Aruba Mobile First Experts: Inside the ACEX Hall of Fame

Meet our newest Hall of Fame members!

  • Zach Jennings

    @zjennings United States

    I believe ACEX lends credence to my focus on providing a user-driven, mobility-based network solution.

  • Seth Fiermonti

    @SethFiermonti United States

  • Kevin Zhu

    @kzhu China

    ACEX can prove that you have comprehensive Aruba knowledge and is a great honor in a technical career

  • Samuel Castro

    @scastromx Mexico

    Part of the training team, delivering certification classes worldwide

  • Mike Courtney

    @Boston1630 United States

  • Josh Trivilino

    @jj_triv United States

    ACEX brings great employment opportunities, and opportunities to speak at events as an Aruba/ industry expert

  • Prasun Chaudhuri

    @prasun United States

  • Victor Fabian

    @Victor Fabian United States

    Customers feel comfortable working with an ACEX engineer with the knowledge to design , install, and troubleshoot complex deployments.

  • Preston Strait III

    @Prestidigitation United States

    ACEX has lead to many successful service engagements and sales opportunities

  • Tim Ritterbush

    @tritterbush United States

  • James Whitehead

    @jrwhitehead United Kingdom

    ACEX bring recognition of skills & achievements within the community and from customers

  • John Schaap

    @John Schaap Netherlands

    ACEX makes me recognized as an Aruba expert

  • Motasem Al Amour

    @Al Amour Germany

    ACEX provides good status among colleagues and partners

  • Ted Guetae Jung

    @tcpdump Korea

    Through ACEX I got a complicated exam scenario and it increased my skills

  • Denny Denny

    @Denny Indonesia

  • Vincent Chow

    @vchow Hong Kong

  • Gordon Tan

    @Same Guy Singapore

    ACEX makes me technically inclined with Aruba products and able to help customers realize the full potential using Aruba

  • Jeff Wankel

    @jeffwankel United States

  • Muhammad Abu Ghalioun

    @Mghalioun Saudi Arabia

    Being an ACEX made me a reference for Aruba solutions in my country

  • Austin Hawthorne

    @austin@aruba United States

    ACEX demonstrates that I have expertise on a broad range of technologies required to deploy, support, and secure networks for today’s mobile and IOT user cases

  • Marcus Bates

    @MDBATES United States

    Earning ACEX, as an instructor, has helped me be more knowledgeable about the solutions, and better prepare advanced students for certification in classes

  • Frank Van Breugel

    @mrtwentytwo Netherlands

    ACEX brings recognition, knowledge

  • Keith Mataranglo

    @kmat1973 Germany

    Being the MJ of ACEX. #23!!!

  • Ernst Oudhof

    @eoudhof Nethelands

  • Arjan Koopen

    @arjan_k Netherlands

  • Rene Jorissen

    @Renen Jorissen Netherlands

    ACEX brings better opportunities at business leads and appreciation from colleagues, partners, and customers

  • Dion Ryff

    @dionryff Australia

    ACEX recognises hard work and skill and has helped my customers believe in the solutions we present to them

  • Ramprasatj Venkataswamy

    @@Ramprasath Australia

    ACEX validates knowledge and experience to handle situations and encourage partners to go for Aruba Certifications

  • Neil Bhave

    @nbhave Singapore

    ACEX has greatly helped my career and given me a sense of personal fulfillment!

  • Chang Han

    @Chang.Han Korea

  • Ruben Gonzalvez

    @Ruben Gonzalvez Spain

    ACEX brings high skills, good reputation

  • Michal Kolodziej

    @mkolod Poland

    ACEX provides recognition, lots of satisfaction

  • William Smith

    @WifiGuy United States

    ACEX gives credibility when speaking with customers and partners, it also shows a level of commitment to the company and our products.

  • Sven Dregorius

    @dregoriuss Germany

    Proven expertise from ACEX gives high self esteem and recognition

  • Peter Bazelmans

    @pbazelmans Netherlands

    ACEX helps with convincing customers

  • Jason Hong

    @Jason Hong Korea

    ACEX brings achievement and pride along with customer's trust and confidence in me

  • Chris Lembo

    @clembo United States

    ACEX brings Field recognition

  • Evan Weigel

    @eweigel United States

  • Piotr Filip

    @Piotras Poland

    ACEX is a confirmation of hard work and knowledge gained, which is appreciated in the industry.

  • Mat Lehn United States

    Highly recognized within the Aruba community and on any bids to help win business.

  • Aous Salloum

    @aous.salloum Australia

  • Seth Atkins

    @Seth Atkins United States

    The ACEX benefits me with the ability to competently spin up demos and support my customers effectively

  • Vinodomo Karthikeyan United Arab Emirates

  • Kelly Kutz

    @Kellyk256 United States

  • Jason Traeden

    @jtaeden United States

    ACEX shows our customers that we are serious about the products and services we sell.

  • David Westcott

    @westcott United States

    ACEX provides Industry recognition

  • Jesse DeWatch

    @jdewath United States

    ACEX validates complete knowledge for end-to-end configuration of wireless, security, and design.

  • Travis Thompson

    @tthompson United States

    ACEX brings Customer recognition and the training leading up to it made me a better engineer.

  • Vorawut Kanokpanvanich

    @vorawut Singapore

    With AFMX the customer and partner will trust you and respect you

  • Keng Tong Wee

    @KT Singapore

  • Gary Huang

    @gary.huang Taiwan

    With ACEX customers have more confidence when I tell them about new solutions.

  • Duc Binh Ha Singapore

    1. Gain expert level skillset. 2. Give expert level support to our customers and become their trusted advisor. 3. Job advancement, job opportunities. 3. Be rewarded.

  • Francis Tsai

    @蔡億慶 Taiwan

  • Kent Wang

    @kentcfw098 Taiwan

    ACEX proves myself capable to do good in my jobs

  • Meryl Mohan

    @M_Mer Qatar

  • Ayman Mukaddam

    @ayman_mukaddam United Arab Emirates

    ACEX validates in depth knowledge of Aruba Products. Learning is a journey, and the knowedege gained on the path towards ACEX is most important.

  • Ahmed Farouk

    @ahdfarouk United Arab Emirates

    ACEX gives you a full overview of aruba solutions and enhances your ability to solve complex designs

  • Jukka Maki

    @j.hill Finland

    ACEX recognizes expertise

  • Mike Narine

    @mnarine United States

  • Zhenxian Xiang

    @ China

    While acquiring the skills required of an ACEX, I got a better chance to taste the joy that Aruba products bring

  • Robin Puliparambil

    @robinchackop7 Australia

    ACEX brings recognition of an Expert Level Skill set and Accomplishment

  • Scott Doorey

    @scottdoorey Australia

    With ACEX peers and customers recognize my extensive experience with Aruba wireless products.

  • Scott Agar

    @scott_agar Australia

    ACEX provides my customers confidence as they place trust in my design and reliance on Aruba solutions.

  • Reinhard Lichte

    @rlichte Germany

    Certifications like ACEX are important to demonstrate knowledge.

  • Alap Modi

    @aalap22 United States

  • Philip Wightman

    @airhead1234 United States


  • Aaron Scott

    @wifidownunder Australia

    ACEX brings peer acknowledgement and confirmation of knowledge across Design, Implementation and ClearPass

  • Jonathan Adams

    @jonadams United States

  • Brandon Hawley


    ACEX demonstrates to my customers, peers, and partners that I am dedicated to mastering the solutions that I propose

  • Trevor Beach

    @tbeach-arubawifi United States

    ACEX provides notoriety and creates opportunities.

  • Thomas De Smedt

    @Thomasds Belgium

    ACEX is a great achievement for hard work

  • Chad Teal

    @chadteal United States

  • Mitchell Pompe

    @Mitchell Pompe United States

    Kudo's, honor, and enabling customer and partners get the most out of their Aruba solution!

  • Edmund Tsoi

    @edt Hong Kong

    ACEX is the kind of recognition that can help the career path as an expert of Aruba product.

  • Robert Dobre

    @robert.dobre Romania

    With ACEX I hope to be a better instructor and to deliver high quality Aruba training sessions

  • Budiman Notorahardjo Ong Singapore

    In front of customer ACEX provides me higher credibility of my experience and product/solution knowledge

  • Ken Beck


    With ACEX it feels great to be apart of a community of professionals that continue their education and share that knowledge with others.

  • Ryan Ruiz


    As a partner, the ACEX gives additional benefits in terms of partner levels that make my job easier

  • Mike Wolf


  • Lance Bokenstedt

    @ United States

  • Zhengixin Yang

    @robertyang China

  • Islam Zidan

    @Islam United Arab Emirates

    ACEX gave me confidence to deploy complex scenarios

  • Noman Hadi

    @nomanhdi United Arab Emirates

    ACEX brings validation to all the skills and knowledge required to be truly an expert!

  • Jihn Sun

    @ China

  • Hossam Haggag Saudi Arabia

  • Julien Bueffler

    @Julien United Kingdom

  • Jose Perera

    @JFPerera Canada

  • Ricardo Cobos Mexico

  • Jonas Humble

    @Jonas Humble Sweden

  • Kapildev Erampu

    @KapildevErampu Australia

    Customers feel confident working with ACEX Engineer!

  • Mostafa Elhabashy United Arab Emirates

    Keep your eyes on your dream and don’t give up

  • Clinton Jang

    @clintonjang United States

  • Jens Pfennig

    @JPfennig Germany

  • Lukasz Budzisz

    @lukasz.budzisz Germany

    ACEX certification helps to see me as trusted advisor among customers and partners

  • Donald Wong

    @DonaldWong Hong Kong

    ACEX recognizes hard work and skill demonstrated with Aruba Solutions.

  • Roger Karam

    @RKinsop Brazil

  • Kelly Knowles

    @KellyKnowles United States

    ACEX distinguishes myself as able to design and implement robust solutions with Aruba.

  • Florian Cramoisan

    @Florian Cramoisan France

  • Antti Hukkanen

    @avh Finland

  • Igor Chinchack

    @ Russia

    Citius, Altius, Fortius

  • Fabian Klaring

    @Fabian Klaring Netherlands

  • Robert Lian

    @bertzlian Singapore

    ACEX certifications proves my abilities to our clients and partners that we have the right skillset to deploy Aruba's leading technologies..

  • Felix Benoit


  • Carlos Bassett

    @LOStheNERD United States

  • Olivier Hahn

    @ohahn France

    ACEX confirms skills in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting Aruba solutions, and the learning was very useful to my PoC lead job.

  • Carson Hulcher

    @chulcher United States

  • Johan Froehlich

    @johannfroehlich Germany

    Having a long history with Aruba achieving Edge Expert is crowning my experience with Aruba.

  • Scott Nyer

    @scottnyer United States

  • Stefan Konings

    @skonings Netherlands

  • Thierry Lubbers

    @Thierry Lubbers Netherlands

    ACEX has helped me from a pre-sales perspective to engineering. Knowing all of the key features and also how to implement results in happy customers.

  • Stephan Dangl

    @dave123 Austria

  • Dusan Santa

    @dusanta Austria

  • Peter Neyt

    @Q Belgium

    Happy to help customers and the community from the skills, needed to obtain ACEX.

  • Jonathan Hart

    @Jon_Hart United States

    ACEX has driven me to obtain a deeper comprehension of the entire Aruba ecosystem.

  • Willem Bargeman


  • Jason Leong Kwong Fei

    @jasonleong7 Malaysia

  • Renhe Cai

    @Renhe Cai Beijing

  • Jinghao Ma

    @JM48 Beijing

  • Chris Evans

    @chris.r.evans United States

  • Juan Gallego

    @JuanD Colombia

  • Eric Chen

    @ericchen Malaysia

  • Stefan Schneemann

    @snowman Germany

  • Herman Robers

    @hermanrobers Netherlands

  • Hendrik Lüth


  • Ariya Parsamanesh


  • Erik Eckhardt


  • Johan Lam


  • Carl Morgan

    United Kingdom

  • Matijs Busman


  • Paul Kim


  • Yong Cho

    South Korea

  • Jason Harrison


  • Stefan Harrison


  • Herman Robers


  • Ulises Cazares


  • Igor Chinchak


  • Keita Shimono


  • Jibran Azia


  • Martin Mohr


  • Riane Herrera Vilela


  • Hossam Amed Hassan


  • Ryan Dumali


  • Piyaphol Triyanant


  • Jakub Stelmaszczyk


  • Peihan Andros Chen


  • Jiudou Xu


  • Sakchai Sudsee


  • Harendra Nishshanka

    New Zealand

  • Kian Seng Goh


  • ehab boshra


  • akshay bharambe


  • Kritsada Chinhataiwat


  • Leonardus Aditya


  • Roy Lin


  • Yong Aik Seah