How to change the expiration time of Guest User with Post-auth Enforcement



We might need to change the expiration of Guest users after authentication based on some conditions or rule.



We can achieve this with post auth enforcement using the " Expire-Time-Update" attribute to update the Guest User with value set in minutes.





A guest user registers with an expiration time set by the administrator in the registration page.

In the above page, the Expiration time is set for 24 hours. 

Configure a post auth enforcement as shown below.






After the Guest User login, we could see the Expiration time changed to 10 hours from the time the user authenticated





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Nice "how to". As I frequently find MAC caching is requested/required by the customer, how does this tie into this solution?


Is there a limitation on how far out we set the expiration?  I'm trying to send back Expire-Time-Update to 42300 (30 days), but it limits it to 24 hours.  I can successfully update it to less than that, but not more.

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