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How to load balance the Onguard session in a Cluster environment?

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How to load balance the Onguard session in a Cluster environment?


This is achievable enabling a setting in the Onguard >> Global Agent Settings. However the scope of the load balancing is with in the zone. If cluster has multiple zones, were each zone has one or more server as per the used case then when this setting is applied the client's Onguard agent session will be randomly select's one of the Clearpass node for the zone.

  • Login to CPPM and navigate to Administration » Agents and Software Updates » OnGuard Settings.

  • Click on Global Agent Settings as show in the below screen.

  • In the pop-up window "Configure Global Agent settings". click on line 2 and select "Enable Onguard requests load-balancing and enable check box and save the setting and hit save option.

  • Click on save to apply the changes.


Now the Onguard request will be sent to once the node in the zone on the cluster and we could verify that from the Agent logs.

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