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Reset database without backing up Configuration and Session data on CPPM

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Cluster reset database without backing up Configuration data and Session log.


When we run cluster reset database on a ClearPass node, by default it will backup databases like Configuration database(tipsdb) and Log Database(tipsLogDb), before resetting them to default.

However, if log database is huge, the whole operation may take time to complete. If required, we can use the argument -b, so that it skips the backing-up operation and proceeds to reset the database to default. 

syntax: Cluster reset-database -b



Not Required.


Cluster reset operation with -b argument:

With -b argument, we could see it starts with stopping services and proceeds to drop the existing databases.

Cluster reset operation without any argument:

Without -b argument, we could see that it starts with backing up different databases, stops the services and proceeds to drop the existing databases.

Cluster reset-database -f (force) will also skip the back up operation, but it will reset the licenses on the node as well.

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