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Aruba 2920 - Adding to Central

Hi All


I have a 2920 switch (WB.16.02.0012) and am trying to get it live, and managed in Central.  Added the device manually in Central, assigned a subscription to it, and put it in a group.  On the switch itself I've enabled Central, i.e.:


(config)# aruba-central enable


It doesn't seem to be connecting though. 'sh aruba-central' shows no server URL and connected = no.


What am I missing?


Cheers, James

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Re: Aruba 2920 - Adding to Central

Hi James,


  After adding the devices to central and subscribed.


If the switch is in default state, On getting the IP from dhcp server. ZTP process will be triggered and switch will get provisioned with central URL and gets connected to central.


ZTP will be broken if we enter into config mode.


If the switch is in defaut state, can you please do an "erase startup". When the switch comes up , ZTP will be triggered and gets provisioned with central.


In (WB.16.02.0012), we don't have CLI knob to force "provision, erase startup is only option to trigger ZTP.


Is it possible to upgrade to WB.16.03.003 ? with upgrade , we can force ZTP provision using "activate provision force".




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