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Aruba 2930F assist LACP-MAD assist for 6x HPE 5700 40XG IRF

Hi Guys (and of course girls),


I'm a little bit stuck in an IRF-Configuration and i hope you all somehow can help me a little.


I've set up an IRF-Stack of 6x HPE 5700AF Switches with a 20GBit/s IRF-Link as a Ring. To prevent Split-Brain-Situation i wanted to set up LACP-MAD with an assist device. (customers wish for a seperate device...)


Here I wanted to use one Aruba 2930F Switch with 3x 1G RJ45 Ethernet for the local Stack-Members and 3x 1G SFP-Fiber for the remote devices (different building about 650ft/210m away).


I actually don't know how to set those devices correctly up.


Right now i created a Link-Aggregation on the IRF with 6 member ports an the MAD-VLAN 3999 as access ports. On the 2930F i created a lacp-trunk with 3 copper and 3 fiber ports and the same access-vlan.


Here is the moment where i got stuck.


On the a-Series Switch stack i activated lacp-mad.

But what to do on the Aruba switch?


Maybe someone can support me with a corerct mad-Config on the A-series switch and a correct assist-config for the 2930F device...


Would be nice.

Any idea appreciated!




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Re: Aruba 2930F assist LACP-MAD assist for 6x HPE 5700 40XG IRF

At the comware switch configure a dynamic link-aggregation interface. In the bridge interface enter the command “mad enable”.

At the 2930f switch create a trunk interface with lacp. Within the trunk interface enable mad passtrough. For example: “interface trk1 lacp mad-passthrough enable”

To validate the passtrough use the command “show lacp mad-passthrough counters”

To validate if mad is working enforce a split brain.
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