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COTD - Blinking LEDs

Just in case you like me and cannot remember exactly where AP 9c:1c:12:8a:48:o8 is you can flash the LEDs on the AP to locate it.


(Aruba3200-US) #ap-leds ?
all Control LEDs on all APs
ap-group Control LEDs on APs in this group
ap-name Control LEDs on AP with this name
ip-addr Control LEDs on AP at this IP address
wired-mac Control LEDs on AP at this MAC address


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Guest Blogger
I like that functionality. I do read about a lot of people that use Aruba Activate. Although you can quickly deploy a network with Activate, I do not believe that you can name an access point from Activate. Using the blinking LED functionality will help an installer or administrator locate an access point and rename it. Thanks
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