AP IP Health-Check

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What is AP Health Checks?


This feature was introduced from Aruba 8.0.x and above. 

The AP Health check feature uses ping probes to check reachability and latency levels for the connection between the AP and the controller. The recorded latency information appears in the output of the show ap ip health-check command. If the controller IP address becomes unreachable from the AP uplink, this feature records the time that the connection failed, and saves that information in a log file on the AP.


show ap ip health-check {ap-name <ap-name> | ip-addr <ip-addr> | ip6-addr <ip6-addr>}

ap-name <ap-name> :  Shows health of an access point specified by AP name.

ip-addr <ip-addr>: Shows health of an access point specified by IP address.

ip6-addr <ip6-addr>: Shows health of an access point specified by IPv6 address.



Use the following command to show health of an access point with ap name:
(Aruba7010) (config) #show ap ip health-check ap-name ap109
AP Health-Check Status
Interval Probe IP Avg RTT(in ms) Total_TX_Probes Total_RX_Probes Total_Packet Loss
-------- -------- -------------- --------------- --------------- -----------------
1 min 0.448000 30 30 0
5 min 0.000000 0 0 0
30 min 0.000000 0 0 0
60 min 0.000000 0 0 0


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