Bridge Age Out Mechanism

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Bridge Age Out Mechanism


Starting from ArubaOS,the bridge entry will not age out as long as the wireless client/device is associated with the AP. To ensure this, a new flag is introduced which is set to 'W', WiFi. This flag indicates that the bridge entry cannot age out when the flag is set to 'w'. The bridge entry will get deleted only when the wireless client or station is deleted.


(Aruba7210) #show datapath bridge                

Datapath Bridge Table Entries

Flags: P - Permanent, D - Deny, R - Roamed Client, M - Mobile, 
       X - Xsec, A - Auth, T - Trusted, W – Wifi                   <—- New flag W info is added.

      MAC          VLAN  Assigned VLAN  Destination  Flags    Age
-----------------  ----  -------------  -----------  -------  ----
00:1A:1E:00:1A:E8  1     1              0/0/0                  0   
00:1A:1E:00:D3:E0  40    40             local        P         0   
01:80:C2:00:00:0E  4095  4095           local        P         0   
01:80:C2:00:00:02  4095  4095           local        P         0   
00:0B:86:16:6A:A0  1     1              0/0/0                  0   
3C:77:E6:7C:44:09  40    40             tunnel 12    W         0   <—- New flag W is added.
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