How to find out the ap's wired mac and serial number from the controller ?

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Environment- The following information was tested on AOS version.

Answer- AP's wired mac address and its serial number can be found from the below command.

(Aruba) #show ap database long

AP Database
Name                   Group    AP Type  IP Address     Status        Flags   Switch IP      Standby IP    Wired MAC Address   Serial #        Port       FQLN    Outer IP  User
----                         -----       -------         ----------           ------           -----     ---------          ----------            -----------------                 --------           ----         ----       --------       ----
18:64:72:c9:97:6c  default    225   Up 9m:56s        18:64:72:c9:97:6c         CT0074988   N/A        N/A     N/A

Flags: U = Unprovisioned; N = Duplicate name; G = No such group; L = Unlicensed
       I = Inactive; D = Dirty or no config; E = Regulatory Domain Mismatch
       X = Maintenance Mode; P = PPPoE AP; B = Built-in AP; s = LACP striping
       R = Remote AP; R- = Remote AP requires Auth; C = Cellular RAP;
       c = CERT-based RAP; 1 = 802.1x authenticated AP; 2 = Using IKE version 2
       u = Custom-Cert RAP; S = Standby-mode AP; J = USB cert at AP
       M = Mesh node; Y = Mesh Recovery

Port information is available only on 6xx.

Total APs:1


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