What are these traps "wlsxNLowMemory" and "wlsxMemoryUsageOK" for?

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What are these traps "wlsxNLowMemory" and "wlsxMemoryUsageOK" for? 


The SNMP trap wlsxNLowMemory is triggered when the free system memory is less than 50 MB. 

The SNMP trap wlsxMemoryUsageOK is triggered when the free memory recovers back to more than 50MB. 

Note: We have the legacy trap wlsxLowMemory which is same as wlsxNLowMemory, which is disabled by default on the controller.

For example:

show memory  

Memory (Kb): total: 691780, used: 656496, free: 35284

In this case we will be getting the trap "wlsxNLowMemory". 



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