Why is "Console protect feature" not working in AP-12x models ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Why is "Console protect feature" not working in AP-12x models ?


AP console function can be enabled by executing the command "console-enable" in ap group->ap-system-profile
AP console could not accessed  after configuring 'no console-enable'.

ap system-profile "apsystem1"

ap system-profile "apsystem1"
  no console-enable

Starting from AOS:, AP-12x image don't have console protect feature, no need to input password;


AP-124/AP125 only has 64M memory. This will occupy too many memory which will cause AP-124/AP-125 to go "out of memory".  So this feature is disabled on AP-124/Ap-125.

After upgrading to build 49253 and above, AP12X ap console is always enabled , no matter "console-enable" feature is enabled or disabled.  Other AP platforms (ap-135, ap-22x) support this feature.

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