How can we tweak "enforce DHCP" knob on the IAP?

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How can we tweak "enforce DHCP" knob on the IAP?



From, IAP supports enforce DHCP both on CLI and UI for wireless access.

This feature allows IAP only create layer3 user entry for client obtain IP address via DHCP. For client that use static IP, IAP won’t create layer3 user entry, therefore all its IP traffic will be blocked.







IAP # configure t

IAP (config) #wlan ssid-profile btest

IAP (SSID Profile "btest") # enforce-dhcp

IAP (SSID Profile "btest") # end

IAP # commit apply


wlan ssid-profile btest


 index 8

 type employee

 essid btest

 opmode opensystem

 max-authentication-failures 0

 rf-band all

 captive-portal disable

 dtim-period 1

 broadcast-filter none

 enforce-dhcp   <=========================

 dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90

 local-probe-req-thresh 0

 max-clients-threshold 64

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