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How to convert Standalone mode IAP to VC mode without resetting it? What are the different methods of converting Standalone mode IAP to VC mode?

by on ‎11-05-2014 09:22 AM

This article applies to all the IAPs running version 4.x and above.

Standalone mode IAP's can be converted to VC mode using CLI and GUI.

GUI mode:

# Login to the IAP's webpage
# Click on maintenance >convert tab
# Click on the dropdown menu and select "Default virtual controller mode"
# Once done, reboot the IAP.


rtaImage (7).png


CLI mode:

# Login to specific IAP via SSH/Console.
# On the enable mode, execute the command: "swarm-mode Cluster".
# Once done reload the IAP.


rtaImage (8).png


# One of the other ways to convert is to press the reset button on the IAP.

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