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Message exchange process during automatic IAP upgrade

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What are the message exchanges involved while automatic upgrade is performed on IAP cluster?


An IAP cluster could consists of same/different model number of IAP's.

We can Check for New version from IAP's Web GUI.

Web GUI--->Maintenance-->Firmware--->Check for New Version





We need to click on Check for New version using the following steps:

Web GUI-->Maintenance-->Firmware



Once we click on Check for new version , IAP will contact 


ac:a3:1e:c5:9a:6e# show version
Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: 215), Version
Copyright (c) 2002-2015, Aruba Networks, Inc.
Compiled on 2015-09-23 at 00:37:47 PDT (build 51810) by p4build


IAP# show log ap-debug | include awc


Mar 22 10:13:41  awc[2816]: awc_init_connection: 2004: connecting to
Mar 22 10:13:41  awc[2816]: tcp_connect: 163: recv timeout set to 5
Mar 22 10:13:41  awc[2816]: tcp_connect: 170: send timeout set to 5
Mar 22 10:13:41  awc[2816]: awc_init_connection: 2043: connected to
Mar 22 10:13:41  awc[2816]: awc_init_connection: 2085: Loading local CA certificates
Mar 22 10:13:42  awc[2816]: verify_peer_domain_name: 1066: Verifying peer domain name
Mar 22 10:13:42  awc[2816]: cert_verify_domain: 1023: certificate common-name '' matches domain name ''
Mar 22 10:13:42  awc[2816]: awc_init_connection: 2175: SSL certificate verification is successful
Mar 22 10:13:42  awc[2816]: awc_init_connection: 2178: Connected
 22 10:13:42  awc[2816]: Sent ap info in body 'CJ0080398, 18:64:72:c1:d3:fa, AP-115^M '
Mar 22 10:13:42  awc[2816]: Message over SSL from, SSL_read() returned 507, errstr=Success, Message is "HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 17:13:42 GMT^M Content-Length: 0^M Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8^M X-Challenge: 43740564546669260708979981161958107518407475436739570985630868140579686812703548176519188419982814615774471608212510698020070873695007447695750686121349263900962651950258050263897301142490542727494960495740591^M X-Session-Id: bc00cd7e-0cfa-4bc8-ac88-6  -------------------------->> sends a challenge hash requesting for current firmware,serial no

Mar 22 10:13:44  awc[2816]: Sent header 'POST /firmware HTTP/1.1^M Host:^M Content-Length: 2542^M Connection: close^M X-Type: firmware-check^M X-Guid: ccefd96301942b6e277f607117948cff7d657d1127aa8aaa93^M X-OEM-Tag: Aruba^M X-Mode: IAP^M X-Factory-Default: No^M X-Session-Id: bc00cd7e-0cfa-4bc8-ac88-6cde36da3c36^M X-Current-Version:^M X-Ap-Info: CK0028642, ac:a3:1e:c5:9a:6e, AP-215^M X-Features: 0001100101000000000000000000000000000000001000011000000^M X-Challenge-Hash:
Mar 22 10:13:44  awc[2816]: Sent ap info in body 'CJ0080398, 18:64:72:c1:d3:fa, AP-115^M '------------------>Serial no, current firmware version is sent 
Mar 22 10:13:44  awc[2816]: Message over SSL from, SSL_read() returned 265, errstr=Success, Message is "HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 17:13:44 GMT^M Content-Length: 552^M Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8^M X-Activation-Key: 3CNO5NTP^M X-Session-Id: bc00cd7e-0cfa-4bc8-ac88-6cde36da3c36^M X-Status-Code: success^M X-Type: firmware-check^M Connection: close^M ^M ", AWC response: (null)
Mar 22 10:13:44  awc[2816]: Message over SSL from, SSL_read() returned 552, errstr=Success, Message is "^M 26^M 23^M 30^M 10^M 25 htt
Mar 22 10:13:44  awc[2816]: isc_exit: 603: disconnected  ----------------------->Firmware returned by

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