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Delete accesspoint from Central

So I got an Apin 0205 accesspoint from a sale which is assigned to unknown previous owners central. I can't use it as if I reset the config it always downloads someones config from the central. 


Is it possible to somehow delete it from the central without login. Or is it trash now?

Re: Delete accesspoint from Central

If you speak to Aruba TAC they will be able to confirm the  ownership and remove form the previous customers Central account if required.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Delete accesspoint from Central

When I moved 2 AP's from my test-tentant to production I had to open a case with TAC. It almost seemed impossible to them to remove an AP from a tenant. After ONE MONTH of ongoing case with emails and phone calls back and forth they finally got the AP's deleted so I could add them to another tenant...

This really should be possible to do by ourselves.

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