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IAP-225 will not let me log in

I was about to log in and check to see if there was any new firmware - I am unable to log in to the web interface. The credentials are correct and when I click the "Log In" button, the dashboard starts to appear then quickly snaps back to the login box. I know that the credentials are correct because If I deliberately put in the wrong ones, I only get the red text in the login prompt telling me I got it wrong.

I tried rebooting the main (first) AP and the result is the same.

I tried clearing the cache also.


Any thoughts?

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Re: IAP-225 will not let me log in

What was the last thing you did before this happened?

When was the last time you could log in successfully?


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Re: IAP-225 will not let me log in

The last time was approximately a month ago when I applied the latest firmware. I don't recall what versions I went from - and to.

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Re: IAP-225 will not let me log in

Oddly enough, I tried using the IP address of another IAP and got in to the dashboard.?!?! I had to go through a couple of different IP addresses for other IAPs, but found one that worked.

The firmware version is

Do I try to upgrade them all again and hope for the best??

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