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IAP Leap call for action


Hello All,


On the leap second advisory in order to disable NTP on the VC it ask to


A. Configure the NTP server to an unreachable IP/domain


The question is will this have any impact on service ? and when it is re-enabled ?


Firmware version  IAP model : 105











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Re: IAP Leap call for action



Certainly it will effect some services, you have to enable and configure the NTP on the VC

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: IAP Leap call for action

the way NTP works on an IAP it won't affect your currently connected clients in any way if you configure the unreachable domain.


as mentioned by you do have to configure it back yourself afterwards Venu.


tonight is the big night, i wonder if we will see any reports of issues.


Re: IAP Leap call for action

We had 0 IAPs reboot and ntp was configured.
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Re: IAP Leap call for action


Thanks for your input.


We disable NTP at least 24h before and re-enbaled. We didn't have any downtime or reboots.


Has anyone faced major issues around 30th Leap Second issue ?





Re: IAP Leap call for action

from what i understood the IAP only contact the NTP server at boot, so the chance on issues with the IAP was extremely small.


for Aruba on the whole i didn't hear or see any issue. didn't install the ntp patch on clearpass on purpose, but it seems to do fine.

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