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IAP103 roaming/hand off iPads

I have 2 iap103 and will have about 5 iPads on the network.
What settings do I need to enable on the iap103 to get the iPads to handoff seamlessly between access points?
Do I need to setup the network as personal or enterprise to accomplish this roaming/hand off between access points?

These iPads will be the backbone of my home's automation and lighting system, and I need to be able to pick up an ipad and walk around the house and have it automatically connect to the best AP.

I just need some guidance as to what settings need to be used to allow this seamless roaming/handoff.

Thanks for any help
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Re: IAP103 roaming/hand off iPads

So long as the IAPs are operating in the same cluster, there should be nothing further you need to do.

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Re: IAP103 roaming/hand off iPads

Do you see all the APs in the web UI? If so you should not have to do anything. Are you experiencing any specific roaming difficulties?



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