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Instant IAP MIC error integrity check

Good day all

I have three IAP units - 103, 104, 105.  All run v.  I manage them as a group.


Recently some clients that used to connect without error now fail to connect because "...the integrity check of the recieved message (MIC) has failed.".  I see where reasons for this error are given as a) system congestion, b) hacking, or c) incorrect or outdated client settings/drivers.


I have two wifi SSIDs - Guest and Main. Guest runs through VLAN 4 and Main through VLAN 1.


I waited for the weekend when there were just three or four devices connected to wifi. I then used a Win7 and a Win10 endpoint both of which had started failing to connect.  On the Win7 machine I manually created a new wifi connection and specified WPA2 with AES. That failed to connect.  On the Win10 machine I rechecked the settings and tried again. That also failed.  Interestingly the Win10 machine WILL connect to the Guest network.


I used putty and CLI to check that no DHCP errors were in the mix.  I used debug pkt match mac, debug pkt mac XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, debug pkt type dhcp, and debug pkt dump.  No traffic during the failed connect attempts as was expected.


I ran AP LOG ALL under support and see the MIC errors for the mac addresses, but not much else.


I am stumped here - any help would be appreciated. I trust this is just a "Doh!" moment for me.


Thanks for any thoughts or comments.



2016-02-25 Update.  

* I updated both Main and Guest networks change from strict WPA2 to WPA2 & WPA.  I rebooted all IAPs.

----- no changes observed. Certain machines still get integrity check errors. Failing machines are mostly fully patched Dell or Microsoft Win10 devices.


* I used an iPhone6 that was attached to the Guest network and working correctly. I removed the connect on the phone using the Forget Network option.  I then tried to reconnect to the Guest network.

-----  the Aruba devices now complain that this device has an encryption problem and I see an entry in the Client table with and the phone's MAC address, but no connection is registered on the phone






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