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Instant - Multiple Zones and multiple SSID

Hi All,


I have a need where someone needs to set up 3 Zones with a mix-and-match of SSID using an Instant VC. There are approximately 40 IAP in this cluster.


Zone 1

-SSID: Guest

-SSID: Corp

-SSID: Secure


Zone 2

-SSID: Corp 

-SSID: Secure

-Must not have "Guest"


Zone 3

-SSID: Guest

-SSID: Corp

-Must not have "Secure"


Is this possible? I see that there is a 1:1 relationship between SSID and Zone and AP and Zone. Using AP groups in AOS would be simple to do but we do not have that capability currently.


Alternatively I can use a different "SSID" (profile) but it would need to be the same broadcast name and I'm pretty sure thats not possible either.


Do I have the break the cluster into 3 different ones and manage centrally via Airwave (which we own)? Not ideal.


Ideas/thoughts? Thank you,



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Re: Instant - Multiple Zones and multiple SSID

Not a reply as such, but I am also interested in implementing a setup such as this within my own deployment. For example:- Zone 1 would include (Secure, Guest, BYOD) and Zone 2 (Secure, BYOD, ResNet).


Hopefully this is possible!

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Re: Instant - Multiple Zones and multiple SSID



Hope you all well.

In a similar conundrum, i would like to create the following and not sure of the impact;


Zone 1:

SSID: Corp

SSID: Guest


Zone 2:

SSID: Warehouse


On the same IAP Cluster (VC) , i will trial it in the next couple of weeks and see how it works. (never done it before) 

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Re: Instant - Multiple Zones and multiple SSID

An SSID can only be part of a single zone, so your network as desired is totally doable.

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