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MPLS-Based Branch IAP Deployment

In the Instant VRD document, the recommended configuration for an MPLS-based branch deployment includes creating separate VLANs for AP management traffic, guest wireless traffic, and employee wireless traffic.  Using a central DHCP server, would this mean we would create two (or three, including AP managment) DHCP scopes per site?  Or, for an IAP deployment across 12 sites, would it be better to pursue one of the VC-managed IP assignment options? 


We are migrating from a controller-based wireless architecture, where we have one DHCP scope for all guest wireless traffic, and one for all employee wireless traffic, regardless of which site the user is at.


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Re: MPLS-Based Branch IAP Deployment

All those recommendations are flexible. You can do whatever you want. The virtual controller assigned vlan traffic will always be source-natted out of the VC. If that is unacceptable, you need to use a network assigned vlan.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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