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Max Nu of AP managed by IAP

What is the Max Nu of AP managed by IAP  ( Virtual Controller ) ?

Can IAP-105 Manage   group of IAP-105 & IAP-93 ?  & Vice Versa ?

Re: Max Nu of AP managed by IAP

Theoretically, with 105, my understanding is there is no limit in the AP software.


With the 93, the last time I looked, you should have no more than 16? Perhaps somebody has newer info than me on this though?

Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)

Re: Max Nu of AP managed by IAP is correct.  No limit on the number of IAPs in a group except for the IAP-9x. The IAP-9x is still limited to 16 in one group.  Further, if you introduce a single IAP-9x into a group of IAP-105s that whole group will be limited to 16.

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Re: Max Nu of AP managed by IAP

I had an actual deployment with the same senarios and due to the IAP93's limitation it was running on 16 IAPs only. Way out is to seperate the IAP105s into 1 subnet and IAP93s into another subnet.

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