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Problems with AP205 & AP105 APs in an Instant cluster

We recently (end of January) added a AP205 to an Aruba instant cluster which contains 6 AP105s in addition, and are now experiencing problems on the WLAN when the AP205 is plugged in and active.
  - The problems start within about 45 minutes to 2 hours after the AP205 becomes active in the cluster, with users complaining about slow/unreliable/intermittent service.
  - When IT support then investigates, they discover high latency and packet loss over the WLAN, even to services on the LAN.
  - Sometimes, all the SSIDs also dissappear from the air (i.e., they are not discoverable) for a short period (30 seconds to about 2 minutes).
  - The only way to resolve these problems are to reboot all the APs, but this is however just a short term solution as the problems start again within about 45 minutes to 2 hours.
  - The only permanent solution/work around found so far is to remove the AP205.
Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be?
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Re: Problems with AP205 & AP105 APs in an Instant cluster

What version of Instant is this?

Are you using broadcast filtering on that network?

Have you tried making the AP205 the preferred master?





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Re: Problems with AP205 & AP105 APs in an Instant cluster

Do you know which version of the firmware you're running? We have both sets of APs in the lab and I'll see if I can reproduce it...


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Re: Problems with AP205 & AP105 APs in an Instant cluster

I'm wondering if this issue is related.. I have a TAC case open:


Do the management interfaces also drop? I had to setup a syslog server to get the info to TAC.


If you can't get an AP tech drump from the weGUI (which I couldn't due to high CPU consumption), it was suggested that I could try to grab and AP tech dump from the console.


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