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RF Scanning

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.  Possibly it is just occurring on my network.  It appears when I do a continuous ping (ie. ping <local ip address> -t) while connected wirelessly to an IAP-105 I will get a "Request timed out" every once in awhile.  However, when I disable "scanning" on the RF tab (advanced options) I never receive a timeout and all pings are successful.  When I re-enable the scanning option, I once again receive "timeouts" every now and then. Currently running version

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Re: RF Scanning

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This usually happens because the AP goes off-channel very quickly as part of the ARM scanning process.


Load Aware Scanning (on by default) will prevent off-channel scanning during high traffic times.



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Re: RF Scanning


Make sure you have Client Aware enabled (which is enabled by default)




Thank you

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Re: RF Scanning

What's the side affect of disabling scanning?

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Re: RF Scanning

From my understanding.  When you disable scanning you would no longer be scanning for interference on your channel as well as looking for possibly a better channel for the AP.  I would also asume you would not longer be adjusting any of the power settings per channel too.

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Re: RF Scanning

Thanks... I was hoping this wasn't the case. :-(

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