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access to IAP

i was wondering if it is possible to gain CLI access to the IAP in another way then the serial console port? so by SSH or telnet or such, is there a setting or isn't it possible?



Aruba Employee

Re: access to IAP

AFAIK, it is possible to use SSH to get into the IAP, but there is very little you can actually do once you are in (some show and debug commands).  All configuration should be done via the GUI.


Re: access to IAP

Access is via telnet which can be enabled on the UI. console access is also possible.


However, as the previous response is correct - no support for CLI commands and recommendation is to use UI.




Re: access to IAP

thank you both.


just for interest, where can the setting to turn on telnet be found?


Re: access to IAP

Under settings->terminal access


Attached screen shot.



Re: access to IAP

thanks, must have overlooked that one a couple of times.

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