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Does anyone know what the coverage range of the AP-175 is as a dedicated AM

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Re: AP-175

The antenna will determine the range and direction.  What is the application?


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Re: AP-175

I am providing coverage for an airfield and the customer wants a dedictaed AM. My design has 3 portals and 3 mesh points with 5Ghz backhaul and 2.4 Ghz client. I am trying to determine if I will need an additional AM at each mesh point in order to cover the entire airfield or if I can strategically place a couple and meet the requirement.

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Re: AP-175

Hey DZ, Jerrod here...


The coverage range of an AM is functionally farther than what an AP serving clients can do. Strategix placement is usually good enough. I think 2x the range (say out to 1km radius) for AM coverage versus ~400m for a laptop). 


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