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Meridian Maps API - Uploading new SVG

Hi All,


Trying to upload a map update using maps API. I can get the map to upload but in the Editor it doesn't display anything.


It looks like what shows in the Editor is in the "Public_url" variable, however, what uploads gets stored in "unformatted_public_url". 


How do you get it to display properly, or am I missing a step?



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Re: Meridian Maps API - Uploading new SVG

Uploading your own SVG maps in Meridian is not supported. Maps should be created and converted by the Meridian Professional Services Team as there is a lot of meta-data in the file that is required to show the maps properly. When your maps are converted, they are uploaded for you as part of the process. 

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC.
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Re: Meridian Maps API - Uploading new SVG

Hi Herman,


My name is Shawn Kilburn and I am the Meridian team's technical writer.


It's not strictly true that we don't support customer map uploading. We do actually support this.


However, it is true that we gently encourage people to work with our Maps team to create Meridain maps, because creating a valid SVG Meridian map can be quite tricky.


Typically, if someone is creating a new map, we very strongly encourage people to contact our Maps team for assistance with this. You can reach them at 


For editing maps, we recommend that people download the map SVG file from the Editor and use that file. We also encourage people to use Adobe Illustrator, if possible, because we know that it works with our SVG formatting.


There are two ways to upload maps:

1) The Meridian admins can enable the Map uploading UI in the Meridian Editor.

2) Using the Maps API endpoint.


One thing to note about the Maps API endpoint is that the SVG validator is quite strict and it's quite easy to make a change to an SVG map that invalidates the map and prevents the map from being uploaded with the API. 


To bypass the validator, append this to your API call:




You can read more about Meridian mapping in these help articles:


If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.




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