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Airwave db floods due to syslog message from controllers

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Airwave db floods due to syslog message from controllers since Airwave is being used as syslog server.


When Airwave is added as syslog server on the controllers and if incase when any module is set in debug mode, Airwave server will be flooded with tons of syslog message.

During the above scenario we need to make sure an appropriate data retention is set to retain syslog and trap in AMP Setup >> General >>  Device Events (Syslog, Traps) (1-31 days):

If the Airwave server disk is completely full 100% due to syslog message then run the following command to truncate the device_event table.


# db

airwave=> truncate device_event;

airwave=> \q

The above command will clean up all the records in device_event table.

If the Services are in running state and if you like to remove only the syslog messages then you could run the following command, it will remove all the syslog messages from the device_event table.

# db

airwave=> delete from device_event where type = 200;

airwave=> \q

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