CLI command to find slow loading pages

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Question   CLI command to find slow loading pages



perl -ne 'print if / (\d+\.\d+) wall,/ && $1 > 5' /var/log/httpd_performance

This command will find all pages loading slower than 5 seconds. Change the "5" to whatever threshold of seconds you want to filter by.

Note that the customer experience is also affected by network latency and client-side browser rendering latency, so experienced page-render times may be higher than this.

A more advanced version of this command is:
# perl -ne 'print if / (\d+\.\d+) wall,/ && $1 > 7' /var/log/httpd_performance | grep -v APDetailXML | perl -pe 's/^(\d+\.\d+)/scalar(localtime $1)/e;'

This will get all pages loading slower than 7 seconds except for APDetailXML and print the results with a human readable timestamp instead of epoch time.

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