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How to remove all Rogue Devices under "List" at a time in RAPIDS Airwave 8.0

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This article has instructions about deleting all the Rogue Devices under "List" at a time in RAPIDS Airwave 8.0 without having to select and delete devices per page at a time.


In Airwave 8.0(8.0.0 and 8.0.1), we do not have an option for pagination to select the number of records per page under RAPIDS->“List” whereas this option exists for “IDS Events”.
Due to this limitation, we cannot delete all the Rogue Devices under list at a time.

We can only select and delete devices per page at a time from GUI. This would be a huge task if we have some thousands of devices listed.


With the step mentioned below, we can clean up all Rogue Device list under RAPIDS in one shot rather select and delete devices per page

However this option to custom the page list to specify the number of devices that needs to be listed in the page is present in 7.x Airwave version and missing in 8.0.0 and 8.0.1.


Environment : Airwave 8.0.0, 8.0.1


In order to wipe off all the Rogue Devices under list in RAPIDS at a time from cli, we can use the below script.
# 0

In the above cleanup script, we are specifying the number of days to "0" days which would help in clearing all entries from the list in one shot.

The generic syntax of the command is /usr/local/airwave/bin/ X
Where is X is a number to keep that many number of days worth of Rogue data.



If the number of days is set to 1, it would delete all the rogues except the ones that got detected in the past 1 day.


The above script with days set to "0" can be ran on any Airwave server version(7.x/8.x) to clean-up all the rogue device list entries at a time from cli.


Below is the screenshot with all the detected Rogue Devices under RAPIDS List








Now running the script with days set to "0" to delete all entries in one shot as shown below




rtaImage (1).jpg


Below screenshot shows all the Rogue devices list cleaned up under the RAPIDS List.


rtaImage (2).jpg




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