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Steps to enable AMP to Monitor Meru Controller

Steps: (in this example we try adding it manually)

1. Add the Meru controller to AMP and enter the SNMP credentials.
2. Login to Meru Controller WebUI and go to SNMP community management page -> add Client IP (AMP IP ) and the SNMP community string.
3. Login to Meru Controller CLI and start/Verify the SNMP process.

Meru#snmp start --- Command to start the SNMP process
Meru# snmp status --- Command to verify the SNMP status
Meru# reload-snmp --- Command to restart the SNMP process.
Meru# show controller processes --- This command displays a list of the controller processes.

4.Test the Connectivity by doing a ping and SNMP walk to Meru Controller from AMP CLi:
#ping <IP Address of the Meru Controller>
#s2w <IP Address of the Meru Controller> <Community String> .1

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