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Usage of aliases in Airwave configuration template for Aruba Switch

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Usage of aliases in Airwave configuration template for Aruba Switch is not a good practice for example when we add a firewall rule / acl.


When we use aliases while editing configuration template that is created for Aruba Switch. The configuration push applies the actual value for the aliases since the aliases are switch specific. However, during config verifying, the Switch / device returns the running config that has the actual values instead of aliases and this cause configuration mismatch and even it loops the configuration push and verifying state.


HP-2530-24-PoEP(config-ext-nacl)# 210 deny ip any

HP-2530-24-PoEP(config-ext-nacl)# write mem

HP-2530-24-PoEP(config-ext-nacl)# show run


Running configuration:


; J9779A Configuration Editor; Created on release #YB.16.01.0004

; Ver #0b:

hostname "HP-2530-24-PoEP"

logging facility syslog


qos dscp-map af11 priority 1

radius-server host key "test"

sntp 212

ip access-list extended "amino_filter"

     200 deny ip

     210 deny ip



Hence, it is recommended to avoid use aliases in template configuration since it cause issue during configuration push.

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