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Airwave Device name

I just noticed under the APs/Devices list that airwave is showing the name of my accesspoints as well as the name of the switch its connected to in parentheses.


Example AP101-office-VP (


Im not running AP124s any more and only have 225. Im trying to figure out 1, how did the switch name just start coming up, and 2 why it shows AP124?

Re: Airwave Device name

Hi, are you able to post a screenshot to help us understand further? Are you certain the switch hasn't been added to AirWave using SNMP polling or anything? Same with the AP124, if these have apppeared on a controller then they will be displayed in AirWave.


What does the devices details say when you drill down into the AP124's in AirWave?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Airwave Device name

Hi Pigpen,


In AMP Setup > General page>Display section , set AP Fully Qualified Domain Name Options to Do not use FQDN and check the status.




if my post address your query, give kudos:)

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Re: Airwave Device name

That did the trick. Im trying to understand why some APs were showing the FQDN and some werent? 

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Re: Airwave Device name

I am not able to, PAVAN below suggested a solution, and it worked. Now im just trying to figure out why it happened on some of them, but not all of my APs.

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