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Airwave and Radius

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to set up Radius authentication for my Airwave administrators, but without success so far. I'm using NPS.


I have followed the guide below to configure the network policy (only thing I did different was changing the vendor code from 14823 to 12740, since I'm using the Dell version).


By the way, great guide!


I have placed my domain account in the user group, but when I try to authenticate I receive a "login failed" message and in the NPS logs I see the following message:

Untitled pictureee.png


The account/password are correct, I'm not sure why I'm receiving this mismatch error. I also have the radius information properly set up under AMP Setup > Authentication.

The Admin role is also in place.

Untitled pictureeee.png


Any ideas of what may be causing this behavior?

Re: Airwave and Radius


since you receive an Error Message in NPS

  • the shared secret between Airwave Server and the AP is correct.
  • and there is a  connectivity between them.

i think that the issue is in the authentication method , can you  check it again.


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Re: Airwave and Radius

The network policy was pointing to the wrong Radius, I corrected it and according to the logs in event viewer I'm now being directed to the right policy/radius when I try to authenticate.


But even though everything seems fine with the NPS logs, I still receive a login failed message when I try to login into Airwave using my domain credentials:

Login failed

Please re-enter username and password.


The event logs within Airwave shows nothing and according to the NPS logs everything is fine. Not sure what to do now. Is there any parameter within Airwave that I'm missing, could this be a bug?

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