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Airwave v8.0.7 Rocks

We've been having problems with Airwave memory leaks for a long time, and we've been rebooting the server every day because of it.  Last week we just upgraded to the latest v8.0.7, and we actually went the whole weekend without having to reboot it! Great job to the Airwave team for getting this issue ironed out, at least as it would seem to be the case for  us.

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Re: Airwave v8.0.7 Rocks

Thanks for the feedback.  We enjoy hearing when things work right!

Rob Gin
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Re: Airwave v8.0.7 Rocks

Heh.  Ironically, for us, 8.0.7 is the first one to give us memory problems.  But they are much preferable to the prior disk space problems in 8.0.6.


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